According to estimates by the World Health Organization, there are around 96 million people with dengue fever each year, with 12,500 deaths.


In 2016, Vietnam recorded over 110,800 dengue cases, an increase of 1.9% compare with 2015


21,000 dengue fever patients recorded so far this year, in April the country recorded nearly 6,900 dengue fever cases, two died. Number of patients concentrated in the southern provinces.


The number of people with Zika is highest in Ho Chi Minh City (207 cases), followed by Binh Duong, Khanh Hoa, Dong Nai … 85 countries and territories report the circulation or transmission of the Zika virus. 29 countries report having babies with minor head traumatic deformities, with Brazil leading the way with 2,366 childrens with this disability caused by Zika.


According to ThS. Dr. Nguyen Trung Cap, Dean of Emergency Department Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

( Source: Sức Khỏe & Đời Sống and translated by google tool )

One-time dengue fever will not come back

Anyone can get dengue fever whether it is elderly, young or young. Currently, there are 4 types of dengue virus so the patient can get stuck and can even get worse and worse next time.

Specifically,  dengue virus  has four serotypes, DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4. If a person has been infected with the virus, he or she is only capable of producing life-long immunity to the virus but is not immune to the virus.

Therefore, each person may have dengue fever four times throughout life. If you have dengue fever for the first time, that person may have 3 more cases of dengue virus infection.

Reducing the fever is all

As a rule, usually in the first three days, the patient will have high fever, headache, pain in people, eye aches. However, this time is not the most dangerous time and there are no complications.Patients can still be treated at home.

From the 4th day (from the onset of fever onwards) is the most dangerous time of the disease. Patients will not have a fever as high as three days ago, many patients say that the disease is less dangerous and is about to be removed but this stage can have serious complications..

The first complication was increased blood vessel permeability and blood concentration.Patients will not perceive this, but only through test indices. Based on the results of the test, the doctor will decide whether to infuse the patient or not. Excessive vascular events may lead to signs of early warning such as fatigue, liver pains, nausea and vomiting. In young children may see only young children or sprained, small, less breastfeeding. These cases need to go to the nearest hospital immediately to compensate, avoid life threat. Second Complication: Hemorrhagism due to thrombocytopenia. Patients may have; These patients need medical tests to assess how thinning the platelets is, so that physicians consider platelet transfusion as necessary.

Note that all local hospitals have the capacity to do the above, not necessarily to the Central, time consuming, endangering the patient and overloading the hospital. Only in the case of patients with shock, organ failure, primary health care will initially resuscitate and transfer patients to central hospitals by ambulance.

Mosquitoes spread only in ponds, standing water

People mistakenly think of sewers, unhygienic toilets, and ponds that are the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. But not, mosquitoes reside in the water for long periods of time in the house we live in such as aquarium water tank, flowerpot water jar, penjing, water on the altar, rain water Stand at the debris on the alley or terrace …

Therefore, it is important to change the water, clean the objects in the house, not to keep the water will be the environment for larva develops, the birth to mosquito. On mosquito-borne mosquito-borne mosquitoes. Therefore, when spraying insecticides, it is necessary to spray on all floors in the house, to kill mosquitoes, to prevent mosquitoes from moving down from floor to floor, from house to house.

Take aspirin and ibuprofen for dengue fever

When the first symptoms of hemorrhagic fever, such as pain, musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, headache, fever, appear, most people think of flu or viral fever and buy painkillers on their own. There are two types, aspirin and ibuprofen. These two drugs will aggravate bleeding in patients, possibly severe stomach bleeding, which can be life-threatening.

Dengue hemorrhagic fevers cause blood clotting disorder, which makes the body more likely to bleed. In mild cases, there will be subcutaneous hemorrhage with red spots on the skin or bruise. Severe bleeding will cause bleeding teeth, nosebleeds (vomiting) or bloody stools. Meanwhile, aspirin and ibuprofen work together to prevent platelet aggregation, anti-coagulation. Aspirin also has a side effect of gastric ulcer and can cause gastric bleeding, vomiting blood.

Therefore, absolutely do not take these two drugs when suspected dengue fever.

Spray mosquitoes once a month, mosquitoes will “fear” not dare to enter the house

Many people think that family once spraying mosquito repellent is permanent mosquito will not appear again in monthly time. That is misconception. Because mosquito spray is spraying space in very small volume with very small amount of chemicals in the form of mist spray and kill mosquitoes at that time. Just a few hours after spraying, the amount of chemicals will diffuse in space and fly away, the other mosquitoes continue to fly into the house, attack and infect humans.

Therefore, if mosquito spraying outbreaks, need to spray the whole, simultaneously in the entire population to work thoroughly, the best way to prevent dengue fever is to kill toss, larvae, To give birth.


Simply because we do not know whether mosquito bites carry the virus or not! …