New Chamcham mosquito nets is a bed net featured by innovative technology. It is advanced in incorporating Permethrin inside mesh fibers to create a strong, durable and tear resistant net. New Chamcham nets is designed to improve air ventilation and defined functionally as a mosquito, insect killing and repellent net. This specific efficacy serves well the need of preventing widely spreading of malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis and/or other diseases caused by insect bites to protect people ‘s health.


Come close

Mosquitoes fly near


Permethrin frighten mosquitoes

Mosquitoes run away

Technology repels the attack

Stick for a long time
If stubborn mosquitoes stick to mosquitoes for a long time

Knocked down
Mosquitoes will lose the ability to bite or be knocked down

In addition to a physical barrier to prevent mosquito, ChamCham mosquito nets  integrated Permethrin helps repel flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, ants, chafer … they would not dare to come near. If they stubbornly cling to the mosquito they will be knocked down immediately.


Permethrin is naturally derived from chrysanthemum, with the Japanese technology that has brought Permethrin into each ChamCham chisel to help ward off mosquitoes without affecting the children, especially pregnant women who have been Ministry of Medicine. It is certified by the World Health Organization and is used by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its Global Hemorrhagic fever program.

No skin irritation, safe for young children

Safe for pregnant women

UNICEF is used for the prevention program against global dengue

Vietnam Ministry of Health certificate safety for users


With the new technology that incorporates Permethrin into the Polyethylene Mesh, it increases the size of the larger holes, creates a good convection air compared to conventional sleeping nets and increases the life of the mosquito net for up to 3 years.